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How To Identify Original Handloom Banarasi Saree

Banaras, Varanasi, or Kashi however you name it is widely known as the city of temples, mysterious holy men, and bustling ghats along the River Ganga. The Indian city of Varanasi also produces some of the world's finest silk saris, has a long-lived history of textile designing.  Lusion Wear went on a little exploration tour in a village near Banaras, where we were amazed to see that almost every house has its own Karkhana and karigars (weavers), who traditionally weaved Banarasi Silk Sarees on their Pit Looms. However many of them switched to Jacquard looms with time.    The weavers of Varanasi are best known for their skill in brocade weaving and known as Kinkhabs. There is a wide variety...

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