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Tie-Up Sleeveless Indigo Ombre Dress For Women

Tie-Up Sleeveless Indigo Ombre Dress For Women

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LusionWear's Indigo Tie-Up Sleeveless Dress For Women is dyed with Organic Indigo making it free from Toxic Chemical dye. Organic Indigo is a powder from the leaves of the indigo plant called Indigofera tinctoria. It is one of the oldest dyes. It is also the only natural blue. Natural indigo is dyed in 100% fructose-based fermentation.

*For any custom size requests, please contact us by phone or email. Also, you can DM us on Instagram @Lusionwear*

Pack:  1 Dress

Neck: Buttons in the Back of the dress

Colour: Light Blue     

Fabric: 100% Cotton

Country: Made In India


It is advisable to wash this garment separately and not expose it to direct sunlight as it could lead to variation in color.

  •  Do not bleach
  •  Iron or steam with warm heat
  •  Separately hand wash with Liquid or pH-neutral detergent
  • Always store in a dark place with less light penetration


100% Cotton

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  • Avoid putting any clothing made from natural fiber in the dryer. Instead, invest in a few folding tables and allow your cotton tees to dry flat. They can also be hung on hangers to dry.
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